Fellowship Programme



The René Cassin – AJA Fellowship Programme (RCFP) brings together a cohort of exceptional professionals to explore human rights issues through a unique Jewish lens.

What does the RCFP entail?

Five knowledge based evening sessions looking at current human rights issues.
A trip to European city.
Four skills based evening sessions looking at the tools needed to make positive change.
A project using all of the above knowledge and skills to create change…

Who is the RCFP for?

The programme has no fixed age limit – the cohort benefits from a real mixture of age and experience. If you are interested in increasing your knowledge of human rights and Jewish visions of a just society, the RCFP is right for you.

What are the programme’s objectives?

  1. To deepen and broaden participants’ knowledge and understanding of human rights principles and Jewish visions of a just society – through the study of Jewish experience and values and contemporary international human rights issues
  2. To galvanise a movement of Jewish social activists who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to promote social justice and human rights in the UK
  3. To create a group of deeply committed human rights advocates who are actively involved in René Cassin’s campaigning and mobilisation work

Religious observance

René Cassin is a pluralist organisation, and we welcome applicants from all levels of religious observance. If you observe Shabbat or any level of kashrut, please let us know and we will be delighted to accommodate this.

2020 Cohort

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2019 Cohort

Meet our new 2019 Cohort and read their motivations for applying for the Fellowship Programme.


2018 Cohort

Meet our 2018 Cohort of exceptional Fellows, read their reflections on the programme’s educational sessions and learn all about our 2018 study trip to Budapest.


2017 Cohort

Meet our 2017 Fellows and read about their trip to Budapest, where refugees, Roma and sexual minorities are under attack from Hungary’s nationalist government.


2015 Cohort

Read the biographies of our 2015 Fellows from the UK, USA and Israel, and learn about our first Fellowship trip to Budapest. 


2014 Cohort

Meet our first ever cohort of René Cassin-AJA Fellows.