The Nationality & Borders Bill, what can you do?

Posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2021

René Cassin has spoken out strongly against the Nationality and Borders bill, which has just passed through its second reading in parliament. The Bill threatens the Refugee Convention by punishing refugees, increasing the detention of asylum seekers, and making exploitation and modern slavery more likely. So what can we do?


  • How does this bill threaten asylum and refugee rights, and why should we care as Jews? Read our summary response to the overall plans here
  • Why should we care simply as citizens? We are part of the Detention Forum, read their brief here

Raise awareness

  • Tap into your sphere of influence: In addition to posting  to your personal social media, remember to also share with your youth movement/friendship group/synagogue year Whatsapp/ Instagram/facebook groups too! Encourage your synagogue or youth group to share the assets too and inform people of what’s happening
  • Share our posts and graphics (shown below) on the Bill from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all of which you can find in this folder

René Cassin Instagram post explaining the Bill

René Cassin Twitter post explaining the Bill

Take action!

  • Are you a Jewish lawyer? Sign JCORE’s letter supporting refugees
  • Write to your MP to highlight the danger the bill poses to vulnerable women
  • Sign Freedom from Torture’s petition welcoming refugees  
  • Join our campaigns as a volunteer: we are always looking for people to do research, draft letters and join our campaign groups to end detention and modern slavery- email [email protected] if you want to get involvedre