René Cassin submits evidence to Parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention

Posted on Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

René Cassin recently submitted evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights, which is undertaking an inquiry into immigration detention.

Highlighting how the current system infringes human rights, René Cassin stated that:

“Migration and seeking asylum are central to the Jewish experience. Granting refuge to those who seek shelter is a core value within the Jewish tradition and one that the community remains committed to. Post-Brexit, the UK has a unique opportunity to set the tone when it comes to progressing human rights. On this basis, we are proud to promote a 28-day limit for immigration detention, and an increase in the use of alternatives to detention. These policies would help to streamline the current system of expedition and prevent the government from overreliance on the more draconian elements of flexibility available under the current law, and would invaluably contribute to protecting that individual’s dignity, and we, therefore, encourage the government to adopt this notion”.

You can read the full submission here.