Making the Jewish Case for Human Rights – René Cassin and the Future of Human Rights

Growing the next generation of Jewish Human Rights Activists in the UK

One of our core objectives is to develop the next generation of Jewish human rights activists. We do this by providing our young and passionate supporters with the inspiration, knowledge, and skills that empower them to defend and evolve universal human rights in the future.

Partly, this is about informing and raising awareness in schools, youth groups, and communities via our annual Human Rights Shabbat. It is also about making ourselves open to young people (Jewish and non-Jewish) at every stage – from bnei mitzvah to secondary school students experiencing work for the first time, to university students and graduates who intern with us. Everyone involved does real work on real issues – not ‘just the photocopying’ and tea runs.

A Fellowship Programme session

The centrepiece of our activity is our Fellowship Programme (supported by the AJA), which brings together a cohort of exceptional professionals to explore human rights issues through a unique Jewish lens.

The programme is designed to broaden the understanding of human rights principles and Jewish visions of a just society through the study of Jewish experience and values and of contemporary international human rights issues.

This is then harnessed to create a movement of Jewish social activists, who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to promote social justice and human rights in the UK

“The Fellowship Programme opened my eyes to a whole variety of human rights issues. Throughout this process I have been continually challenged to think about these in a Jewish context and consider the multitude of ways that solidarity is a Jewish value.”

Sophie Shall, 2017 Fellow

The legacy we leave to the next generation

Today’s modern human rights framework is the legacy of the vision and contribution of our namesake Monsieur René Cassin and other Jewish human rights heroes. To preserve this legacy, we invest in the next generation, ensuring that we too leave a legacy – a cohort of empowered activist, committed to human rights.

“A pivotal moment in my life… from the moment I stepped into the office I was made part of the René Cassin team. I was given work that I felt was valuable and allowed me to simultaneously help the cause, but also to absorb knowledge and open my eyes to the reality of the world around me.”

Hilary Trimarchi, Work Experience 2018

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