London Mayoral Election 2021: Ensuring a human rights agenda

On the 6th May 2021, Londoners will go to the polls to vote for the new Mayor of the capital. This election, we’re inviting you to support our asks for a diverse and inclusive London, a city where everyone can enjoy their human rights. Take a look below to find out exactly how you can be involved and make your voice heard.

This Mayoral election will not be like the others. As we move in to the ‘new normal’, London remains hugely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has revealed the true scale of inequality in the Capital. Our election asks are rooted in both our Jewish values and our belief in the universality of human dignity. We are asking London Mayoral candidates to commit to ensuring:

  • London that is home will ensure sufficient and legal access to road sites for Gypsies and Travellers, restore legal aid funding to London asylum seekers, and prioritise community alternatives to detention and a time limit for all current detainees.  

London that is healthy will provide free school meals to all all children without recourse to public funds and will commit to enshrine the Right to Food into UK law.

London that is safe will commit to end hostility and prejudice across communities, ensure that public spaces including streets, workplaces and transport are free from sexual harassment, gender-based violence, and hate crime, and support a domestic abuse bill that serves all women and ensures that home is safe for all women.

We are asking you:

  1. Attend the Hustings! This year, the London Jewish Forum is live-streaming a Jewish community hustings for the London Mayoral Elections on 19th April at 7:30pm. This hustings can be viewed on the London Jewish Forum, Jewish Leadership Council, Board of Deputies and Jewish News Facebook pages.
  2. Submit our questions for London Jewish hustings here using the code #Q334. You an copy and paste the questions below!

For a London that is safe:

Q: How will you ensure that the ‘build back better’ scheme extends protection and equity to the marginalised groups in London hit hardest by the pandemic?

Q: In light of the recent tragic death of Sarah Everard, what steps will you take to ensure that London is free from gendered violence in all its forms?  

For a London that is healthy:

Q: What will you do to ensure that the right to food in enshrined in UK law? 

Q: Even in some of London’s richest areas, food insecurity hits families hard. What will it take to guarantee free schools meals for all children in the capital? 

For a London that is home:

Q: As Mayor, will you ensure the protection of Gypsies and Travellers’ way of life by opposing the criminalisation of trespass?

Q: As Mayor, will you campaign for the equal treatment of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers, and challenge the discrimination they face?

3. Share our #SafeHealthyHome graphics that can be found on our social media!

4. Alongside the main Mayoral Hustings, there will also be Jewish community hustings in a number of London Assembly and Hertfordshire County Council Seats and another opportunity to raise these human rights asks. Use the links below to register to the relevant hustings:

Ealing and Hillingdon: 20th April 7:30pm

Barnet and Camden: 26th April 8:15pm

Borehamwood: 28th April 7:00pm

Bushey North: 29th April 8:00pm

Brent and Harrow: 29th April 8:15pm