Launch of Trafficking Survivor Care Standards

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Although it is difficult to establish the exact scale of human trafficking, due to the hidden nature of this crime, available data suggest that there could be millions of trafficked people across the world.

The Human Trafficking Foundation has formed an Expert Working Group which brings together practitioners from the anti-trafficking field to discuss ways for improving support provision across the country.

The group has identified the need for establishing care standards which, building on the practical experience of the key agencies currently providing victim support, would offer guidance on care provision and promote a consistency of approach across the country to ensure better outcomes for all trafficking survivors.

The proposed standards aim to improve service provision by ensuring that adult survivors of trafficking consistently receive high quality care wherever they are in the UK. They provide a flexible framework with guiding principles and practical recommendations that support agencies can incorporate into their own existing policies and procedures.

Their ultimate goal is to promote an integrated, holistic and empowering approach that places the real needs of survivors at the centre of the process of sustained recovery. The hope is that service providers will benefit from the consolidated experience of other agencies and, as a result of this, be more effective in their front-line work.

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