How will your community mark Human Rights Shabbat on 10th December?

Posted on Friday, September 23rd, 2016

René Cassin have run the ‘Human Rights Shabbat’ programme for the past eight years. Human Rights Shabbat falls on the nearest Shabbat to World Human Rights Day. This year that is on the 10th December.

It’s an opportunity for every Jewish community in the UK to engage with the issue of human rights.

You can have a look at previous resources here.

This year we are focusing on the theme of modern day slavery and asking the question what does a Jewish campaign to end modern day slavery look like? ‘

This is an area we get asked time and time again to educate and work on and one that can engage members of the community both young and old.

If your community is interested in taking part you can sign your community up to Human Rights Shabbat 5777 today by emailing [email protected] and registering interest.

If communities sign up, they will be offered:

  • Connections to leading slavery charity speakers
  • Jewish text sources for sermon ideas and study sessions
  • Information and talking points on the issue of modern day slavery in the UK
  • Ideas and resources for children’s activities
  • Directions and support on how to campaign on this issue
  • Posters and materials to promote the day
  • Bespoke support to take a more in-depth look at specific issues within modern day slavery
  • Recognition for taking part in the day