Work Experience

The evolution of the human rights movement is intertwined with Jewish experience and Jewish values. It is vital that people from all walks of life understand and advocate for their rights.

René Cassin is very happy to host work experience students and provide the opportunity to learn about our human rights campaigns and gain insight into what it’s like working for a human rights charity.

Your work will include supporting the team by attending meetings and events with partners; conducting research; working on social media and any other ad-hoc needs in a friendly work environment.

Interested in undertaking some work experience with us and working to champion human rights?

Please email [email protected] with the dates you are available and why you would like to undertake work experience at René Cassin.

“I wanted to thank you for allowing me to do work experience with you this week. It has been really amazing and inspirational, particularly the panel at the House of Lords. I really appreciate it. The work you do is incredibly powerful and i am so grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you again.” (work experience 2022)

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Spending a week with René Cassin

By Jessica Saipe I have always been intrigued in contributing to help with many of the unfortunate crises currently happening in the world yet have felt that there have not […]

My week of work experience with René Cassin

By Maya Zarach My first day began with an introduction into the workings of René Cassin and the values that underpin its campaigns. The powerful nature of these campaigns and […]

“Insight, knowledge and numerous skills I gained and developed during my time with René Cassin”.

 by Charlotte Cobb, work experience I first heard of René Cassin through Instagram, while I was looking for an appropriate work experience opportunity to earn twenty credits of the third […]

My Week at René Cassin

I learnt that when one advocates for the human rights of one particular group, all groups benefit.

Misogyny as a hate crime: not so fast

Work experience student Mollie writes on the campaign to have misogyny classified as a hate crime

“I learnt the importance and significance of what René Cassin stands for and the crucial role the organisation plays within society”

Lily Compton reflects on how her work experience week has inspired her to not just observe events, but to take action to protect human rights.

“We as a community cannot sit back and watch as others experience the horrors of slavery”

Leah Malkinson explains how her work experience week was not just admin and making coffee, but rather “immersed [her] into the world of human rights activism”

The Importance of Speaking Out for Those Who Have no Voice

By Eliana Levy, July 2019 I first heard of René Cassin at a volunteering fair at my school, Hasmonean High School. They were talking about how I could volunteer with […]

Trafficked women being transported “from one hell to another”

By Grace, Work Experience July 2019 Slavery, trafficking and indefinite detention are some of the greatest human rights issue of our time, affecting the mental health of those most vulnerable, […]

“René Cassin shines brightly in our country as an organisation that stands up to discrimination”

By Joshua Wuggenig I came to René Cassin at a particularly daunting time for human rights around the world, with Western countries catering further and further to far-right groups and […]

Students Create History of Human Rights Podcast

Two student from JFS, Georgie and David, have created a wonderful short podcast outlining a brief history of human rights in UK.

René Cassin “has cemented my belief in the power and importance of human rights”

Joe Rowan reflects on René Cassin’s nurturing environment and his personal passion for activism.

“Uniting against adversity will make us more powerful” – a week with René Cassin

Isobel Mintz reflects on how her week with René Cassin has opened her eyes to a “unique perspective on human rights”.

“When considering human rights, it is up to humans to do what’s right”

David Cohen explains how a week with René Cassin has challenged his cynicism with regards to work experience and the human rights sector as a whole.

‘With each passing day, I have been educated and empowered’ – a week at René Cassin

Georgie joined the René Cassin team for a week in July 2018. She left feeling that she’d been given the tools to engage in her own future human rights activism.

‘A pivotal moment in my life’ – a work experience student describes her week at René Cassin

She expected photocopying and making coffee; instead she got her “own personal enlightenment”.

“I was truly inspired by René Cassin’s work”

Work experience student, Ella Marshall, describes her crash course in human rights.

Check out these amazing young human rights advocates

Have a read and find out what our brilliant work experience students Liora and Nathaniel have been doing with us this summer.

Not just coffee and filing

Zoe Samama recently completed her work experience with us – have a read of what she got up to.

What have our work experience students been up to?

Have a read and find out what our wonderful work experience students Soroh, Jessica and Julia have been doing with us this summer.