Slavery and Trafficking

Slavery is not history. It calls to mind images of the Israelites in Egypt or the trans-Atlantic trade. But it is here and it is now – in the UK today there are as many as 136,000 victims of slavery or trafficking

Modern slavery exists in many forms – including forced labour, forced marriage and human trafficking. Although it is illegal in most countries where it is practised, and prohibited by a multitude of international laws and conventions, there are more enslaved people in the world today than at any point in history. And it is not only a scourge of the developing world – around 136,000 people here in the UK are victims of slavery or trafficking.

Slavery and trafficking are unavoidably connected to Jewish experience

Particularly during the festival of Pesach, Jewish people remember the pain of slavery. As we celebrate our freedom, we should remember the countless people around the world, including here in the UK, who do not share our good fortune.

Making slavery history – René Cassin’s work in the UK

We work to raise awareness of the problem of modern slavery in the Jewish community.

Campaign Updates:

Challenge VW on Forced Labour in China

Call to action – contact Volkswagen today

Slavery and trafficking: a 2022 briefing for the Jewish community

The right to be free from enslavement is a fundamental human right

End Uyghur Forced Labour in China – call to action

Western companies should not be profiting from Uyghur forced labour

2021 – looking back at our year, and forward to the challenges ahead

Lots done in ’21, lots more to do in ’22

Anti-slavery day 2021

Take action! Educate yourself Shop sustainably Sign a petition Join a campaign Attend an event Resources from Unseen Find out how brands are doing with Good On You website Check […]

From rescue to resilience: It’s time to reimagine anti-slavery work

Jess Templeman, Director of Programmes at Arise For most people ‘slavery’ is a historic problem, or something limited to the realms of horrific news stories and Hollywood movies. It does […]

Why is this Seder different?

Call to Action – #MakeThisSederDifferent

René Cassin call to action in support of victims of modern slavery & human trafficking

As we celebrate our journey from slavery to freedom during Passover, we should remember the countless people around the world, including here in the UK, do not share our good […]

Joint Submission: Forced Labour in UK Value Chains

René Cassi recently signed on to a joint submission as part of the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region to the UK Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy […]

Chained Women: Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery of Jewish Women in the 20th Century

By Lesley Urbach, René Cassin Fellow At the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century Jewish European women were trafficked across international borders to be sold into sex […]

Forced labour in Channel Islands during WWII – it happened then, and it is happening now

By Claudia Hyde, René Cassin alumni “Remember that you were once slaves in the land of Egypt” Deuteronomy 15:15 Slavery is central to the Jewish experience. We speak on Pesach […]

End Uyghur Forced Labour in China Now

René Cassin joins worldwide coalition of 198 organisations

René Cassin’s Women’s Seder Haggadah Companion

The 4 items on our Seder Plate: resistance, solidarity, empowerment & legacy

Modern slavery and homelessness: René Cassin workshop

by Alice Akca, René Cassin Intern  “The majority of modern slavery victims in the UK are from the UK.” This statement, presented to us by Caroline Barnard, Communications Officer, from […]

Vote for Human Rights!

Key questions to put to anyone asking for your vote on 12 December

Today, on Anti-Slavery Day we are focussing on those small, often unnoticed, places, close to home, where human rights begin

Slavery is not history. It would be comforting to think that it ended with William Wilberforce’s Abolition Act in 1833. But it didn’t. It is here and it is now. […]

Modern Slavery and Homelessness Workshops

Sign up for our free evening workshops on 6th and 13th November 2019

Gender equality and modern day slavery: is girl power the answer?

Intern Alice reports on the gendered aspect of modern slavery and suggests possible solutions.

County lines – the child criminal exploitation on our doorsteps

Ben Lewis reports on an often missed aspect of child exploitation in the UK

That’s Not a Good Look: Fast Fashion and Modern Slavery

Lauren Chaplin explores whether, six years on from Rana Plaza tragedy, anything has changed.

Immigration Regulations Undermine NRM Despite Reforms

By Jane Kilpatrick Trafficking victim Peter came in contact with @ECPATUK after he ran away from his traffickers, in desperate need of support. In the #UK, the National Referral Mechanism […]

As Modern Slavery Starts to Emerge from the Shadows, are we Ready for it?

Will Bordell March was a month of modern slavery data-points – and they’re not as dull as they might sound. Across the board, statistic after statistic shows a steep increase: […]

International Women’s Day 2019: Fundraising for Freedom

As we mark International Women’s Day, René Cassin is asking Youth Movements and local communities to organise fundraising events to raise money for female victims of modern slavery and human […]

Victims of Modern Slavery Going Hungry

Despite the PM stating that modern slavery is the “greatest human rights issue of our time”, victims are going hungry. In a recent interview on LBC radio, Senior Reporter Matthew […]

Ask Your MP to Stand up for Victims of Modern Slavery!

René Cassin is calling on the Government to support the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill, which is due to have its second reading in the House of Commons on 25th […]

Building for the Future: Modern Slavery and the Construction Industry

By Will Bordell High-rise flats and first-time-buyer housing, city-centre office blocks and high-speed railway-lines, whopping shopping centres and tip-top football stadiums: new building projects are everywhere we look. But as […]

Faiths to Freedom: Interfaith Action on Modern Slavery

Elliot Steinberg on why our faith communities are ideally placed to combat modern slavery

Anti-Slavery Day 2018

Slavery and trafficking are unavoidably connected to Jewish experience. As stated by the Chief Rabbi, “speaking out against the flagrant violations of human dignity implicit in this crime, should be […]

Ask Your MP to Stand Against Modern Slavery in Parliament Today!

This evening, there will be a Westminster Hall debate on Tackling Modern Slavery in Parliament 6.30-7.30pm. The event will be streamed live here. In advance of the debate, please email […]

Victim Protections Undermined: René Cassin’s evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Modern Slavery Legislation

René Cassin recently submitted evidence to the Home Affairs Committee inquiry, looking at what progress has been made in the three years since the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) came into force […]

Modern Slavery Victims and Legal Aid

Ben Cartwright discusses the importance of legal aid for victims of modern slavery.

Modern slavery numbers are increasing – is that to be welcomed?

Aidan Shipman on the latest National Crime Agency figures

Let’s Vote for Human Rights

Don’t forget to vote at the local elections – Thursday 3 May

Rights, Recovery and Reform – The Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill

Lord McColl’s Bill will both help victims and ensure more offenders are prosecuted

2018 – Time for a real modern slavery strategy?

Victims of modern slavery deserve a strategy that is more than just a slogan

Diplomats and the Abuse of Domestic Workers

Modern slaves – made to work exploitative hours, but totally dependent on employers

‘Why We Must All Fight Slavery’ – Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

‘It is likely that every one of us has unwittingly encountered and perhaps even benefited from modern-day slavery.’ – Chief Rabbi Mirvis On the 10th December 1948, 69 years ago, […]

Human Rights Shabbat 5778 Resources

On International Human Rights Day – René Cassin shines a light on modern slavery

The Fight Against Modern Slavery…

Domestic progress is being undermined by international failures

“I cried from joy” – RSY-Netzer raises £350 to support survivors of human trafficking

Lack of support puts slavery and trafficking survivors at risk

Modern slavery and the media: What we don’t know can hurt us

Lack of support puts slavery and trafficking survivors at risk

Sign up for Human Rights Shabbat 5778!

All the basics you need to know about modern day slavery

We need your help to tackle ‘the great human rights issue of our time’

Please support René Cassin’s anti-slavery campaign

Europol and Eurojust – two vital EU agencies in the fight against modern slavery

Lack of support puts slavery and trafficking survivors at risk

Expect more stories of slavery – and demand more victim support

Lack of support puts slavery and trafficking survivors at risk

More must be done to combat human trafficking in hotels

Lack of support puts slavery and trafficking survivors at risk

Freedom – or Freefall?

Lack of support puts slavery and trafficking survivors at risk

What a human rights hero!

Ruby is generously raising money and awareness on the issue of modern day slavery

Let’s Remake the Case for Human Rights Together

The election results are in … now our real work starts

What do the Manifestos say about Human Rights?

The key questions to ask your candidates

Five key questions to ask your local candidates

Human Rights and the General Election

‘Inexcusable’ failures in UK’s response to modern slavery

System puts survivors at risk and plays into the hands of abusers

Who is at the centre of Britain’s Modern Slavery Act?

Read our latest blog on modern day slavery

Modern Slavery – ‘Human Writes’ essay competition winners

Read the winning entries and what our judge, Joshua Rozenberg, says about them

Anti-Slavery Laws – and why they do not work

Why don’t anti-slavery laws prevent slavery?

Our Biggest Human Rights Shabbat to Date!

All the basics you need to know about modern day slavery

Human Rights Shabbat 5777 Resource Pack

All the basics you need to know about modern day slavery

“I hate injustice” – Ruby

Ruby is generously raising money and awareness on the issue of modern day slavery

Today (18th October) is UK Anti-Slavery Day

‘No one shall be held in slavery or servitude’ – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

How will your community mark Human Rights Shabbat on 10th December?

René Cassin have run the ‘Human Rights Shabbat’ programme for the past eight years. Human Rights Shabbat falls on the nearest Shabbat to World Human Rights Day. This year that […]

Slavery Chief Warns of Modern Day Slavery Exploitation of Asylum Seekers

Kevin Hyland, the UK’s anti-slavery commissioner has written a letter to Theresa May highlighting that delayed efforts to provide asylum to unaccompanied child refugees in Calais exposes these children to the risk of […]

Latest statistics out on global modern day slavery

How many slaves are there in the UK? Is the UK better or worse than other countries at dealing with trafficking? What type of slavery is most prevalent in the […]

‘Concrete forward progress’ for Overseas Domestic Workers

On March 7, the Government released its response to James Ewins’ December 2015 Independent Review of Overseas Domestic Workers’ Visas. René Cassin submitted written evidence to this review in May […]

Independent Review of Overseas Domestic Workers Visas

In May 2015 René Cassin submitted evidence to a review of Overseas Domestic Workers visas. This is an area of concern that the Modern Slavery Act fails to tackle. Our […]

Tackling Modern Slavery – How overseas domestic workers are still being ignored

The last year has has seen a marked improvement in the framework of legislation to tackle modern slavery in the UK. However, this improvement has not been extended to one of […]

Is Britain Fairer?’ – not for some, new report reveals

In the most comprehensive review ever carried out on progress towards greater equality and human rights protection in Britain, The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) today reveals ‘winners’ and […]

Launch of Trafficking Survivor Care Standards

Although it is difficult to establish the exact scale of human trafficking, due to the hidden nature of this crime, available data suggest that there could be millions of trafficked […]

Submission made to independent review of ODW visas

René Cassin Submission to ODW Review Overseas domestic workers in the UK are especially vulnerable to abuse, as they may not speak English, may not have knowledge of their rights, […]

Expert panel: How to break the chains of modern slavery?

Breaking the Chains On the 22nd of April, René Cassin was pleased to hear from renowned experts Parosha Chandran and Dr Aidan McQuade to discuss the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and […]

Modern Slavery – breaking the chains

A René Cassin free public event on Wednesday 22 April at Berwin Leighton Paisner, London EC4R 9HA.

Slavery is not history. In the UK today there are as many as 13,000 victims. Two leading experts examine this modern scourge and what can be done to combat it.