You can also find a range of instructive and entertaining videos on our You Tube channel:

Voices Beyond the Food Bank: Our New Right to Food Resource

Information about access food for marginalised communities in the UK

An exciting new resource: A Jewish guide to human rights activism

How Jewish voices can play a unique role in tackling discrimination against all communities

Opening the Door to Elijah: Haggadah accompaniment 2023

This Pesach, we urge you to consider the plight of refugees in the UK today

Human Rights Shabbat 5783

Celebrate the Jewish legacy of human rights – download our resource pack

High Holy Days Resource

Our upcoming High Holy Days come at a particularly turbulent time. We have put together a resource sheet that articulates our vision for the coming Jewish year, in terms of […]

Slavery and trafficking: a 2022 briefing for the Jewish community

The right to be free from enslavement is a fundamental human right

Human Rights Shabbat 2021 (5782): The Right to Food

Download our ‘Right to Food’ Resource Pack

The Nationality & Borders Bill, what can you do?

The Anti-Refugee Bill (Nationality and Borders Bill) is soon returning to the House of Commons, which means it is time for us to use our voices and contact our local […]

New Digital Toolkit: Human Rights sessions

Get campaigning! From genocide to the right to food – all in our new pack

Human Rights Act’s “importance to the Jewish community cannot be overstated”

René Cassin’s response to call for evidence by the Independent Human Rights Act Review

Why is this Seder different?

Call to Action – #MakeThisSederDifferent

Uyghur Week of Action – Global Day of Business Engagement: Challenging Volkswagen

“I am doing this because, as a Jew, I am horrified to think that another people is being enslaved and exterminated. I was particularly shaken by the BBC visit, during […]

Uyghur Week of Action

René Cassin joins in a worldwide call for action on Uyghur genocide

Preventing Genocide – Human Rights Shabbat 5781 (2020) Resource Pack

For this year’s Human Rights Shabbat, we are focusing on the theme of Genocide and asking the question: ‘How can the Jewish experience and principles inform the prevention of genocide today?’

Human Rights in Isolation – Top 15 recommendations to keep your mind active

Our Top 10 list of Human Rights related books, documentaries, films and webinars to keep your mind active and remind us why we are committed to change.

René Cassin’s Women’s Seder Haggadah Companion

The 4 items on our Seder Plate: resistance, solidarity, empowerment & legacy

“They belong” – René Cassin submission to Home Office consultation on police powers and ‘unauthorised encampments’

Nomadic ways of life have long been a part of the country we call home – René Cassin’s submission responded to a Government consultation (March 2020) on “strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments”.

The Uyghur Crisis – briefing paper (January 2020)

It is estimated that close to two million Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities are being detained indefinitely in ‘re-education’ camps in China’s western Xinjiang Region, where they are forced to deny their religion and culture as ‘backwards and dangerous.

Human Rights Shabbat 5780 (2019)

What does a Jewish response to Hate Crime look like? René Cassin’s Human Rights Shabbat Resource Pack

Vote for Human Rights!

Key questions to put to anyone asking for your vote on 12 December

Making the Jewish Case for Human Rights in the UK

René Cassin booklet – Jews must be at the forefront of promoting universal rights

Sunrise, not Sunset: a short film celebrating the Human Rights Act

How the Human Rights Act helps ordinary people in everyday situations

René Cassin submits evidence to Parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention

Post-Brexit, the UK has a unique opportunity to set the tone when it comes to progressing human rights. We promote a 28-day limit for immigration detention, and an increase in the use of alternatives to detention

René Cassin makes submission to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hate Crime

The inquiry asked: “How do we build community cohesion when hate crime is on the rise?”. Our report answered questions on anti-Semitism and hate crime and hate speech against Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities and made recommendations on building community cohesion during a time of rising hate crime levels.

Human Rights Shabbat 5778 Resources

On International Human Rights Day – René Cassin shines a light on modern slavery

Human Rights Thought for the Week

Connecting each portion of the Torah to human rights

‘The Boy Who Changed the Law’ – Human Rights Act School Resources

A free education pack aimed at citizenship education for key stage 4 and 5

What do the Manifestos say about Human Rights?

The key questions to ask your candidates

Five key questions to ask your local candidates

Human Rights and the General Election

Submission to Parliamentary Inquiry into Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Inequality

René Cassin’s submisson to Parliament’s Women and Equality Select Committee

Human Rights Shabbat 5777 Resource Pack

All the basics you need to know about modern day slavery

René Cassin submits evidence on Brexit and the Implications for Human Rights

Read our submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights’ inquiry: This is a time to be vigilant and ensure that none of our hard earned human rights protections and mechanisms are weakened”.

René Cassin submits evidence to Hate Crime Inquiry

“There is no place for hate” René Cassin’s director tells Home Affairs Select Committee’s inquiry.

Open Letter to the new Home Secretary, Amber Rudd

“Dear Home Secretary, we are writing to urge you to maintain and increase the UK’s support for people who have fled violence, conflict and persecution, as part of the UK’s response to the global refugee emergency”.

New Video. Detention in the 1940s: The story of Fritz Lustig

Like many people seeking asylum in Britain today, thousands of Jewish refugees were interned by their hosts. In the 1940s, along with tens of thousands of other individuals, mainly Jews, Fritz Lustig was detained on the Isle of Man.

Watch our video to learn about his story and what the differences and similarities are between then and now.

History Shows why we need a Human Rights Act – Dominic Grieve

Conservative MP and former Attorney-General, Dominic Grieve QC, sets out why the Jewish community should care about the Human Rights Act.

Latest Human Rights Act Briefing

Despite negative reports from the media and political sectors, the public tends to be very receptive to the concept of legal protections of basic rights. Much of the important work the HRA does is rarely reported on.

‘An opportunity that should not be missed’ – Submission to the Immigration Bill

The Bill represents an opportunity to end the indefinite detention of vulnerable people