Human Rights Ambassador Programme

The Human Rights Ambassador Programme is an enriching, leadership-orientated initiative to empower young Jewish human rights activists. The programme will equip university students and sixth-former with the knowledge and skills to advocate in support of marginalised communities and to campaign for change in specific human rights areas which resonate with Jewish values and experience. The programme will help to refine and amplify the voices of young Jewish activists in the UK.

‘Period poverty’ – what is it and how can you help?

By Kayla Hommel, Ambassador, 2022 Kayla Hommel took part in the 2022 Ambassadors Programme and decided to dedicate her end of programme project to the issue of ‘period poverty’ affecting […]

‘Enemy Aliens’ – Really?

By Izzy Arkus, age 17, René Cassin Ambassador Programme 2022 Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy […]

The 2021-2022 Ambassadors Programme

Don’t miss out – apply by 31 October 2021

HOME, the long way ’round – A collection of poetry by refugees

By Alfie Futerman, René Cassin Ambassador “To be free. Overseas. Where ships set sail in the breeze on its mission, But there’s people on board with lives that they are […]

What Uyghur Women face and what you can do to help stop it

By Evie Cawte, René Cassin Ambassador Since the beginning of time, the female experience has always been different; this does not exclude the female experience in acts of Genocide. However, […]

Meet the 2020 Ambassador Cohort

September saw the launch of René Cassin’s Human Rights Ambassador Programme. The programme brings together students from across the UK to raise awareness and campaign for change in human rights […]

René Cassin Human Rights Ambassador Programme

An enriching, leadership-orientated initiative to empower young Jewish human rights activists