UK Uyghur exile Rahima Mahmut speaks about her relationship with René Cassin:

The period of Nazi power, from 1933-1945, was calamitous for Europe’s Jews.

Hitler’s overt anti-Semitism had won him the votes and admiration of millions in Germany and in many of the countries it occupied such as Poland. He rapidly reintroduced discriminatory policies against the Jews, then planned and put into effect the ‘Final Solution’, a dramatic attempt to answer the ‘Jewish Question’ first posed during the French Revolution. The result was slave labour, detention in concentration camps and catastrophic loss of life. Over six million Jews, as well as many other undesirable üntermenschen were murdered, including LGBT, disabled, and 500,000 Romani Gypsies.

How could the Nazis get so close to success in their plans for genocide?

Raphael Lemkin, who first coined the word ‘genocide’, was able, using his library of Nazi documents, to describe the process:

The first step was denationalisation, making individuals stateless by severing the link of nationality between Jews and the state, so as to limit the protection of the law.

This was followed by dehumanisation, removing legal rights from members of the targeted group.

The third step was to kill the nation ‘in a spiritual and cultural sense.’ Jews were forced to register, wear a distinctive badge, then move into designated areas, ghettos.

Seizure of property, the fourth step, rendered the group ‘destitute’ and ‘dependent on rationing’. Decrees limited rations of carbohydrates and proteins, reducing the members of the group to ‘living corpses’.

Spirits broken, individuals became ‘apathetic to their own lives’, subjected to forced labour that cause many deaths, and to further measures of dehumanization and disintegration as they were left to await the ‘hour of execution’.

(from Philippe Sand’s summary of Raphael Lemkin’s analysis of Nazi Method, East-West Street (2017))

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Uyghur exile Rahima Mahmut thanks René Cassin for support

René Cassin “key to building the profile of the Uyghur genocide in the UK”

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It is a year since, in December 2021,  an independent Uyghur Tribunal found the Chinese government guilty, without reasonable doubt, of the crimes of torture, crimes against humanity and genocide […]

United National Office of High Commission of Human Right’s report confirms Chinese atrocities on Uyghurs – Summary

Summary prepared by Sheldon Stone, René Cassin alumnus and Member of the Stop Uyghur Genocide UK Advisory Board On 31 August 2022, the Office of the High Commissioner of Human […]

End Uyghur Forced Labour in China – call to action

Western companies should not be profiting from Uyghur forced labour

“No more business as usual!” – Call to Action: London Fashion Week 11-13 June

Millions of Uyghurs are currently being detained by Chinese authorities and held in concentration and forced labour camps in the Uyghur Region of China, or forcibly transported to work in […]

Beijing 2022 – forever known as the #GenocideGames

Ask MPs, businesses & wider society to counter China’s Olympics propaganda

2021 – looking back at our year, and forward to the challenges ahead

Lots done in ’21, lots more to do in ’22

Verdict: Genocide!

On 9 December, the International Day for the Prevention of Genocide, the Independent People’s Uyghur Tribunal panel found ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt for 9 out of 11 Crimes Against Humanity, […]

René Cassin, the Jewish community, and solidarity with Uyghurs in China

How a small human rights charity made a big difference in prompting action on an unfolding genocide

ACT NOW: Support a vote on 15 July for a motion proposing a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

URGENT – Please ask your MP to support this motion

2022 Beijing Winter Olympic ‘#Genocide Games’

Let’s stop China using games to whitewash its attempt to destroy the Uyghurs

Ask Volkswagen to Take a Stand on Slave Labour

Uyghurs in Xinjiang

Day of action – Sunday 13 June

Call to Action: Ask your MP to vote to recognise the Uyghur Genocide

Act now – MPs will vote on Thursday 22 April

Yellow Thread

Poem By Jane Vuglar There is a thread that binds us, One to another, Yellow as the Star of David  When Holocaust beckoned. Those who lived remember, We who wear […]

Why is this Seder different?

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Uyghur Week of Action – Global Day of Business Engagement: Challenging Volkswagen

“I am doing this because, as a Jew, I am horrified to think that another people is being enslaved and exterminated. I was particularly shaken by the BBC visit, during […]

Uyghur Week of Action

René Cassin joins in a worldwide call for action on Uyghur genocide

URGENT ACTION: Is Genocide acceptable to you?

By Ruth Barnett “If you find genocide inflicted on peoples far away from here does not matter  – then don’t continue reading. BUT, if you find genocide inflicted on any […]

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Genocide Prevention Day

“The Uyghurs need us look at what is happening to them, condemn it, and act to stop it.

“Why is genocide still happening, and what can we do to stop it?” – essay competition result

“The levers to prevent genocide are manifold. It is about time we pull them”

Preventing Genocide – Human Rights Shabbat 5781 (2020) Resource Pack

For this year’s Human Rights Shabbat, we are focusing on the theme of Genocide and asking the question: ‘How can the Jewish experience and principles inform the prevention of genocide today?’

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René Cassi recently signed on to a joint submission as part of the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region to the UK Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy […]

The Modern Day Babel Fable

By Dr. Sheldon Stone, René Cassin Fellow and Campaign Associate, Advisory Group to STOPUYGHURGENOCIDE, World Uyghur Congress, London Office “Have you reserved?” “No!”  I was prepared to do anything.  Take […]

Human Rights Shabbat 5781 (2020)

‘How can Jewish experience and principles inform the prevention of genocide today?’  Update 2 December 2020: Human Rights Shabbat Resource Pack now available Over the past few months, the Jewish […]

Why is genocide still happening, and what can we do to stop it? – ‘Human Writes’ essay competition

Judged by Lord Finkelstein. £100 prize. Deadline 9 November.

Make a donation today to … Stop Uyghur Genocide

Please help Rahima and her fellow Uyghurs

We will not forget Roma genocide, says Jewish human rights charity

Sunday 2 August is Roma Genocide Remembrance Day. It marks the 76th anniversary of the murder of 2,897 Roma men women and children in the gas chambers of Auschwitz in […]

End Uyghur Forced Labour in China Now

René Cassin joins worldwide coalition of 198 organisations

Remembering Srebrenica

11 July 1995

Solidarity Iftar with the Muslim Uyghur community on 4 May 2020

Watch a recording of the solidarity Iftar held on 4 May 2020

China’s systematic oppression of Uyghur Women

René Cassin Briefing Paper – May 2020 Close to three million Muslim Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic communities in East Turkistan, the Chinese North western region of Xinjiang, are forced […]

Call for action: this is what you can do for the Uyghurs

Support a Legal Challenge to Govt Decision to Allow Huawei 5G Network Access through this link. The legal challenge by two UK Muslims (Rahima Mahmut and Dr. Enver Tothi) to […]

‘No More Business as Usual’: Global supply chains tainted by forced Uyghur labour in China.

As the Coronavirus pandemic brings the rest of the world to a halt, China, several months after it declared a global pandemic, has begun to ease its lockdown restrictions. The […]

Huawei and the internment of three million Muslim Uyghurs

by Sheldon Stone The UK government’s decision (28 January 2020) on future of Huawei, as a leading telecommunications provider in the country, undermines the UK’s long and celebrated tradition of […]

China’s Xinjiang camps are eerily familiar

Policy is “designed to wipe the Uyghurs off the face of the earth”

The Uyghur Crisis – briefing paper (January 2020)

It is estimated that close to two million Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities are being detained indefinitely in ‘re-education’ camps in China’s western Xinjiang Region, where they are forced to deny their religion and culture as ‘backwards and dangerous.

Holocaust Memorial Day – standing together to say ‘Never again!’

China must stop its brutal repression of Uyghur Muslims

Marking the anniversary of the UN Convention Against Genocide – 9 December 2019

Today marks 71st anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention against Genocide and World Genocide Day, established by the UN, to commemorate and honour the victims of genocides and […]

Vote for Human Rights!

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In China, “never again” is happening again

René Cassin Submission to Parliamentary inquiry into freedom of religion and human rights defenders

Jewish Action Against Persecution of Uyghurs

Inspired to act? Here’s what you can do to oppose the persecution of Uyghurs.

Never Again? A Jewish response to the Uyghur crisis

This René Cassin event examines religious persecution in China – Thursday 9 May, 7-8.30pm

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Bashir Sweeps Sudanese Elections Omar al-Bashir has extended his quarter-century rule of Sudan after a dubiously run election that saw him win 94 percent of the presidential vote, and his […]

Holocaust Memorial Day

Today, 27 January 2015, is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

René Cassin believes that one of the most critical legacies of the Holocaust is the understanding that the fight against human rights violations will never end, and that we as a society must be vigilant to any erosion of our human rights …