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Meet the 2019 Cohort of René Cassin AJA Fellows

We are excited to welcome our new Cohort of Fellows, read all about them here.


Budapest – May 2019

Hungary is a country of poignant contradictions – a case study in the challenges of contemporary human rights. e learned about Jewish life and social action in Budapest, and the trip shone a spotlight on Hungary’s Roma community.

What’s the situation in Hungary and what’s it like for minorities? – Friday 24 May 2019

Our second day in Budapest – a deep dive into modern-day Hungary and the lived experiences of marginalised groups

Jewish life and social action in Hungary – Saturday 25 May 2019

Despite Shabbat being ‘the day of rest’, the third day of our trip to Budapest matched the intensity of the others – high.

The Adomanyitaxi (Charity Taxi) Programme – Sunday 26 May 2019

“We were all entirely overcome by the power of the day” – Fellows visit a Hungarian Roma village


Life in Hungary Under the Nazis

By Jeffrey Newman For me, this was the session when the Fellowship first began to ‘gel’. Partially this is the result of the number of meetings and the time in […]

Fighting Hate Crime and Discrimination: The Jewish Standpoint

Learn about the takeaways from our latest session by one of our Fellows

Reflection on Session Three: Immigration Detention

by Mo Makin The topic of discussion for this session was immigration detention. Immigration always seems to be in the News. Politicians and journalists are mostly seen questioning how much […]

Reflections on Session Two Modern Slavery

By Josh Vuglar Am I not a man and a brother? From the story of the oppression of the Jews in Egypt as told in the Book of Exodus, to […]

Reflections on Session One

By Claudia Hyde The 2019 René Cassin-AJA Fellowship Programme kicked off on 29 January 2019 with the inaugural session, where we were introduced to each other and to the themes […]

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