Education is a vital part of René Cassin’s mission. Our programmes on human rights and Judaism cater for many ages and experience levels, and we work with schools, community organisations and synagogues to create bespoke educational materials.

Human rights thought for the week

Human Rights Thought for the Week

Connecting each portion of the Torah to human rights

René Cassin Fellowship Programme

Meet the 2019 Cohort of René Cassin AJA Fellows

We are excited to welcome our new Cohort of Fellows, read all about them here.

Meet the 2018 Cohort of René Cassin AJA Fellows

Meet our 2018 Cohort of exceptional Fellows.

Our 2017 René Cassin Fellows

This year we have six brilliant Fellows examining human rights through a Jewish lens.

Meet the 2015 René Cassin Fellows

Read the biographies of our 2015 Fellows from the UK, USA and Israel.

2014 René Cassin Fellows

Meet our 2014 Cohort of René Cassin – AJA Fellows.

‘Human writes’

Winner announced in René Cassin ‘Human Writes’ essay competition

Joshua Rozenberg finds winning essay “… a convincing thesis and a pleasure to read”.

René Cassin ‘Human Writes’ essay competition now open!

Deadline Tuesday 8 May

Modern Slavery – ‘Human Writes’ Essay Competition now open!

***deadline – 6 Feb*** “The great human rights issue of our time”. Do you agree?

The René Cassin ‘Human Writes’ 2015 Essay Competition – results

We asked ‘Religion and human rights – compatible or conflicting?’ Danny Finkelstein, Associate Editor of The Times judged the shortlisted entries. His verdict: “These were all very good essays, a credit to their writers and to the prize.

Read the winning and shortlisted essays and what Danny says about them.

The René Cassin ‘Human Writes’ Essay Competition

“Religion and human rights – compatible or conflicting?” Every year René Cassin runs an essay competition to get people thinking about important human rights issues. This year we tackle the two concepts at the core of our organisation; religion and human rights. Do you have an interest in human rights and would like the opportunity […]

Other programmes

Making the Jewish Case for Human Rights in the UK

René Cassin booklet – Jews must be at the forefront of promoting universal rights

“A thoroughly enjoyable, educational and fulfilling experience”

Yoram Goodman reflects on his internship at René Cassin

The 2nd August – Roma Genocide Remembrance Day

74 years ago today, the Nazis killed 2,897 Roma men, women and children at Auschwitz

Trafficked children in UK “continue to be exploited”

On World Day against Trafficking, Ben Lewis considers children “trapped in their exploitation”.

‘Why We Must All Fight Slavery’ – Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

‘It is likely that every one of us has unwittingly encountered and perhaps even benefited from modern-day slavery.’ – Chief Rabbi Mirvis On the 10th December 1948, 69 years ago, our namesake Monsieur René Cassin helped write the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Every year we mark the closest Shabbat to that day with Human […]

Human Rights Shabbat 5778 Resources

On International Human Rights Day – René Cassin shines a light on modern slavery

What have Human Rights got to do with us?

Debora Singer writes movingly about her own family history…

Sign up for Human Rights Shabbat 5778!

All the basics you need to know about modern day slavery

New Human Rights Act School Resources

***deadline – 6 Feb*** “The great human rights issue of our time”. Do you agree?

What do the Manifestos say about Human Rights?

The key questions to ask your candidates

Five key questions to ask your local candidates

Human Rights and the General Election

Modern Slavery – ‘Human Writes’ essay competition winners

Read the winning entries and what our judge, Joshua Rozenberg, says about them

Anti-Slavery Laws – and why they do not work

Why don’t anti-slavery laws prevent slavery?

René Cassin @Limmud #RefugeeDay

Find out about René Cassin’s refugee-themed day at Limmud Conference 2016

Our Biggest Human Rights Shabbat to Date!

All the basics you need to know about modern day slavery

Human Rights Shabbat 5777 Resource Pack

All the basics you need to know about modern day slavery

Modern Day Abrahams

We spent Shabbat at Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue and gave the sermon on immigration detention. Click below to find out what the Torah portion ‘Chaye Sarah’ has to do with indefinite detention. D’var Torah – Modern Day Abrahams

‘Human Rights: Protecting. Empowering. Inspiring.’

Concentration camp with rail line

We mark International Human Rights Day 2014 by publishing ‘the Jewish case for human rights’. Read how human rights laws are vital to real people who are suffering, or have suffered, persecution and discrimination.

The ‘simplicity’ of Human Rights

By Sam Grant, René Cassin Campaigns and Programmes Officer, July 2014   “Human rights are inscribed in the hearts of people; they were there long before lawmakers drafted their first proclamation.”  Mary Robinson  What is a Human Right? Briefly put, a human right is a right you have by virtue of being human. However, this […]